A little about me.

An avid knitter, Sara found that the needles in her hands were actually the gateway tool to a deeper passion: fiber. Wondering about the sourcing and processing of her mail-order wools led her to the Master’s Spinning Certification program at the Olds College in Alberta, Canada, (she’s currently working on her In Depth Study), and now she walks among clouds of cotton, linen, silk and animal fibers in a studio that’s armed with spindles, wheels and an ominous-sounding hooked stick.


One thought on “A little about me.

  1. Hi again, I noticed you made a differentiation in your cotton spinning section on the preparation of cotton lint. I have been growing and spinning cotton for several years now and there is such a thing as a cotton rolag. A puni is a Hindi term used to describe a compressed cotton rolag. Sliver is the commercial preparation and is the only worsted preparation for cotton since cotton is a short staple fiber. Rolags and punis are both a “woolen” preparation as the fibers are aligned perpendicular to the drafting zone of the yarn being spun. Charkhas and Akha’s are very efficient tools for the spinning of cotton yarns when used correctly. Of course, with practice, one can get pretty quick at producing nice even cotton yarns with Taklis and various spinning wheels. Happy spinning and don’t give up on cotton!

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