Thoughts on County Fair

This week is fair week and I will admit, it’s a bit hectic.  So far everything is going smoothly.  My kids have turned in their 4H record books and had their interviews and they have come out on top again.  My oldest did a self-determined project, blacksmithing as there was no county blacksmithing project.  He took second (Reserve Grand Champion) in self-determined…. because his goals and objectives were not clearly stated in his book.  (Mom knows NOTHING of course).  IMAG2055

His trellis/ladder is a beautiful piece of work.  His sister took Reserve Grand champion in heritage arts for her rail fence quilt.  IMAG2057

To the right of her quilt is the Grand champion heritage arts project which is a macrame hammock chair…. that would be the second year she has lost out to macrame…. My daughter has hope for next year as her nemesis graduated and this is her last fair.

Our youngest completed a dog project with our puppy….  In a livestock project, you can compete for a “supreme” award.  Which means that you take a written test, turn in a record book and then “show” at fair.  My baby girl scored first on her test (after worrying that she would fail it), and got a perfect 100 on her record book.  He next challenge was to “show” or 50lb, 6 month old lab puppy.  She made it through and got 3rd in showmanship, and 2nd in obedience.  We’ll know in Sept if she got enough points to win the overall project area.

Meanwhile over in open class, we have taken in all all our enteries and judging has happened.  Here are some highlights from our enteries.


The above are the enteries in the handspun/handknit and weaving.  My favorite entry is from one of my spinning/weaving friends she wove a Hudson Bay style blanket.  IMAG2058

The weft is all hand spun.  It took her 2 years.  It’s amazing.

On the day that people brought in enteries, one of the weavers brought in a large bag of white combed top.  One of her friend’s was donating it to the spinners.  I’m talking an industrial size bump of top.  I was already bringing in spindles for kids to spin, this top was perfect.  This is the first year at fair that I have had so many children spinning around me.  In fact I left for an hour and left my 15yr old in charge and I came back and she had taught several kids to spin and gotten one weaving.  Did I mention that she doesn’t actually spin??? Anyway, now this mob just floats in and out as they get bored with what’s happening and sit for a while.  They bring friends and hand them a spindle and teach each other.  If they have a problem they ask me.  One of my 4hrs has an exchange student from Japan…. this girl spun up a spindle full.  Sat for hours and worked and spun, she doesn’t speak a lot of english and she just sat and tried and tried.  I have wound hers into a skein and I’m going to gift her a spindle and some fiber.

We may be bringing back a fleece show…. I get to be in charge… I think that I will be hating that I said yes about a year from now.  However, it needs to be done.  When Churro are being judged as meat sheep and there is no place to show an angora goat, then it’s time.

Today is the last day, and yesterday the superintendent I share space with gave me an amazing gift. IMAG2070 (2)

She took a picture of my wheel while I was watching the dog show and had the glass artist recreate it, right down to it’s blue wheel.  It is so precious.  I am sure I do not deserve it.  I am only doing my job.  It is something I am going to treasure for a very long time.


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