Odds and Ends

This summer has gotten the best of me.  While my Sister-in-law was here on her way west with my niece and nephew we left the kids and went into town to be touristy by ourselves and she asked me “Are you summers always this busy?”  I tell you dear readers… I really wanted to say “No, this is just not the way they are at all.” However, I paused and looked at her and said “I think if I were to tell you No, I would be in denial!”  That is the truth.  Last summer I was only home in the Month of June for 5 whole days….  5 days.  This year June did not explode until I went to my class, but then I was gone for half the month.  It was all fun, my class, vacation with my family, and a reunion.

We were then home 10 days, before the kids and I flew to MI for another family reunion and to reconnect with by bestie.  I’m not going to lie, that week in MI was transformative… Let me just show you my morning coffee view. IMG_3078.JPG

It was also my evening with a glass of wine and knitting view.  Did I mention the swans? Anyway, once home, my Sister-in-law who was in MI with me had driven across the states and ended up at my house for several days.  She left for more western fun and my in-laws arrived with my young nephew for a week of “camp Sara”… Which rather denotes that we need to do something more than just hang out at the house for the time he is here.

We are 2 weeks to fair.  Only one 4H project is finished, and that is the youngest.  My teens still have to finish making theirs and writing up their record books (which I understand is primarily a CO thing.) Boy were they upset when they found out their MI cousins didn’t have to do record books!  So it is whip cracking time.

2 weeks to fair and I will have company for the whole time.  My husband looked at me on Thursday, the only day we had without people in the house and asked me why I was frowning.  I told him that I couldn’t figure out what I needed to get done.  He told me rather nicely that I needed to recapture that feeling by the lake.  When I was there he reminded me I could just sit and knit and do what I wanted.  That sounds very nice.  I think I need VR googles of the lake.  Because, I tell you by the time I get to fair, I may need some.


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