Building a yarn

After my trip to Olds, I met up with my family and we took a week long vacation through northern Washington, Montana and then down into Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  While in Bozeman, we wandered through the local yarn store and I asked if they had any spinning fiber….. she told me they had some local fiber.  They were low on inventory, but I found some beautiful brown Corridale, a small package of a bison/wool blend and some Border Leicester locks which were dyed turquoise.

Now, if you have read any of this blog, it may have come to your attention that I am not usually a fan of long wools.  However, these locks were AMAZING.  From the moment I bought them I was plotting.  While I did have my spinning stuff with me, including a spindle in my backpack, I waited until I got home to play with them.  Mostly because I decided almost on the spot that I was going to blend them with some silk.

Once I got home and we were mostly unpacked I decided that I needed to go spend some time with fiber.  I started going through my stash and found that I had a little over an ounce of Bombyx.  I also have this lovely cria alpaca fleece that feels like silk. IMG_3072 I started doing math based on how much of the Border Leicester I had (4oz) and the 1 oz of silk I had.  Pulling out my scale, and a calculator I decided to do a blend of 50% Border Leicester, 30% alpaca and 20% silk.

First I blended a sample on my handcards and picked up one of the top whorl spindles I teach with.  It spun up beautifully!  Having been inspired by my classmate to start blending on my drum carder more, I carded up 2, one oz bats of my blend and then I have been spinning them on my spindles. IMG_3074 I did not achieve a homogeneous blend on the drum, but the slightly streaky/heathery yarn is just lovely.IMG_3071

Normally, It would not really occur to me to use a longwool to blend with both silk and Alpaca, however, in this application the alpaca and the silk are adding a softness of hand to this blend.  Also, all 3 of the fibers have a natural luster which is pretty amazing.  This is going to make a lovely scarf.


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