Well, it’s over or at least almost.

IMG_2998I made it home from my last trip to Olds in the Master Spinner Program.  All that is left is for my proposal for my in depth study to be reviewed and hopefully approved.  Then I get to spend the next year working on that.  More on that when I know it’s approved.

This class was bittersweet.  We were a large class for level 6.  A full 12.  Which, I was told was highly unusual.  The next level 5 may have more than 20…. which is crazy.  Anyway, our class of 12 were the last survivors of several different classes that had been held in both in the states and during fiber week.  We only lost one of our number between last year and this year.  (she took the opportunity to go live on a fire tower for the summer… I would have skipped a year too)  So going in, we already sort of knew each other.  I got to spend an entire week with my good friend Ric.  It was such a joy!

Level 6 is weird.  It’s a testing year…  So there was much frustration and no little whining (ahem, that was me). I won’t go into details, because they don’t matter.  The format of the week brought our group together and we had evenings hanging out and working through calculations and spinning on charkas and all sorts of bonding.  Did I mention there is a brewery on campus? IMG_3000Best of all it is done!  No more homework, No more 10 yard skeins.  Do not get me wrong, I would not go back and change any of it.  My journey through this program has pushed my boundaries as a spinner.   There are many things I would NEVER have attempted on my own.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone who just wants to know MORE about spinning.

The people in my class are amazing.  Everyone, including me, deserves the title of Master Spinner.  If you ever get the chance to take a class from a guy named Stetson on the tricks and tips of prepping fiber, you should go for it.  I was trying to encourage him to teach one.  I learned so much the past two years just watching the way he processed his fiber in class.  It will take me some practice to do what he does, but his end results are amazing!

One of my favorite parts of going to Olds is the fact that it’s an Agriculture school….

We learned to reel and throw (which means to spin) silk.  That was fun and interesting.  I might even try it one day at home….

We also learned to dye with Indigo, which I will be trying soon.  I just need to get a bit more info from Ric.

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