In the home stretch

I just looked at the calendar again to be sure. I have just about 14 days until my flight leaves for Olds…  In that time, I need to:

  • Finish my final project and my homework for level 5.  It’s close.  I finished weaving the body of the bag last night. IMAG1899 My 9 year old needs to finish her project on the inkle loom20170529_073204 so I can weave straps and I need to line and sew everything together….  It’s doable.  The homework is also done.  One last skein.  Maybe today?
  • Spin 400 yards of yarn to take with for dye day in level 6.  Luckily, I bought some corridale to take with me to BOSS so I should have more than enough fiber to spin up.  It’s in process. 20170529_073146 It might still be damp when I pack it, but it will get done.
  • Study for the exam….  wait what?  This is the part that makes me nervous.  All along we have been told that this was an openish book thing.  That there will be the manuals for all 6 levels in the class room for us to use.  However, on our supply page it states that there will be a quiz consisting of content from all 6 levels which is NOT an open book quiz….  Oh boy!  I am guessing that most of it will be things that are easy woolen vs worsted, S twist vs Z twist, etc..  What worries me is that I might have to say list characteristics of a specific fiber, say mohair off the top of my head.  Or come up with the equations for TPI calculations or Count without notes.  I know most of them.  However, I refresh every time I sit down to do them I have to check to make sure I am right.  Like what number to use when calculating count for linen or cotton or silk.  I believe it is time for some good old flash cards.

I know that freaking out is not the thing to do, but as this class gets closer, I am kind of freaking out.  I know the level of spinner I am, I also know the level of spinners of the people in my class.  Although we all approach our work from a different path, we are all amazing spinners.  Amazing spinners!  We know our stuff.  I know more about wool and spinning than most people want to hear about.  It will be fine…. I am sure it will be fine.  I just need to make some more lists and some flashcards!


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