Now that I am home and have looked at the calendar and absorbed what I am seeing, I realize that my homework is due sooner than I thought.  So while I finish spinning and knitting the sample for the two technical skeins I have left, I need to finish my final project.  All the yarn is spun, and scoured.  There was a brief moment where I was thinking about dyeing the hemp and linen.  Then I went away for a week and I have no urea and did I mention the calendar?

So last night I decided to warp the loom. IMG_2956 I did mention that this is only my third time doing so?  I have a video and my sketchy memory of what I did previously.  So Off I went. Possibly in the video it talked about the side of the loom you are tying off to at the beginning….. I may or may not have fast forwarded.  Anyway, I got all of the warp threaded through the heddle and attached to the warping peg and then stood there and realized that I had to wind on from the wrong side. IMG_2958 I will admit that I was also super exhausted.

I just kept looking at it, finally I called over my husband.  I explained the situation….  we pondered.  Finally we decided that I should  wind it in the direction I had it and then finish the second part of threading it and tie off on the correct end and then wind it in the correct direction.   So that is what I did.


Now I just need to get weaving.


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