And I’m packed, I hope

When I said yes to teaching this class at BOSS, I had not really thought through the logistics of teaching a full fledged fleece to fiber class outside while camping.  What I have realized is that I am relocating the contents of my studio, minus my wheels, to the great out doors.  I am hoping for no wind.

You really start to understand what goes into all of this once you start to pack up things and then remember that you need a table to clamp stuff to or a screwdriver and wrench to attach the propane cylinder.  Propane?  Why yes, we have to boil water… or almost boil water.  ALL DAY.  Every time we wash wool which is the primary portion of this class.  And lets not forget the rinsing and the dyeing.  So I decided it was best to bring my own burner just in case.  I’m bringing my son to carry the water from the ditch.  Also we could use some one on one bonding time.  He also could use some lay in a hammock and read time.  Not to mention a week away from the computer time.

How to dry all of this wool while outside is also an issue.  Luckily,  we are camping in our large family tent.  So I think there is room in there for drying racks.  The worst thing would be to wash up all this wool and have it blow into the dirt and get all nasty again.

I am super excited and have lists EVERYWHERE, so hopefully I have what I need.  I am sure I do.  I have the important stuff, the fiber, the hand cards, the spindles…..  It’s the clothes and sleeping bags I am worried about.  Oh and the snacks for the 17yr old.  At least he is old enough to drive himself into town.  I’ll post some pictures when I get back.  Have a great week.


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