Primitive Skills · Spinning

Almost to the finish line… Sort of.

I have just over a month to finish level 5 homework.  It’s close and I have been working despite the distractions of having to keep 3 kids on track with their school work.  Phrases like “what do you mean you just didn’t do math for 2 weeks.” Have been heard coming out of my mouth lately.  Anyway, that is not the only distraction…. We also got a puppy!  You know, because I might get caught up and have nothing to do anytime soon.  Actually, he’s pretty sweet and because of him I get outside more….  He is learning to not eat the spinning wheels, but it’s a slow progress there.

With all of this I have been plugging away on my final project.  I am happy to report that all the fiber is spun. 20170508_084629

Yesterday, it all got scoured.  After much reading (well in my level 4 manual and in Stephanie Gaustad’s book) It looks like a combination of washing soda and dish soap is what you do… 2 T of each.  My problem is that I don’t ever feel like I can get all that soap out of the skeins.  After rinsing for what felt like forever I had this sudden inspiration… why don’t I toss them in mesh bags and put them through a rinse in the wash machine.  It’s not like they will felt.  That seems to have done the trick.

I decided to try and dye this fiber before I weave.  I have some small samples that I am planing on dyeing to check the colors.  If it turns out then I should be warping my loom by the first week in June!  Woo Hooo.  Which is cutting it very close.  I have two other assignments left to spin.

In the meantime, I go out to the Slickrock gathering to teach fiber to yarn this weekend for a week.  I am very excited.  It’s going to be interesting to be washing fiber outside all week and processing it as well.  I ordered some small handcards off of ebay from the UK.  They are soo cute! 20170508_122004 It looks like they are small enough to work as flick cards and just big enough to card up a small rolag.  They were a fraction of the price of the wooden handcards, which is nice because I want my students to be able to work with them.    So I should have enough for all


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