No sheep were harmed.


Today I got to go see sheep shearing.  My friend who owns the herd of CVMs called me yesterday and invited me out to see/help with the process.  I am not sure how much help I was.  I did hold a few gates and shoo a few sheep, but mostly I ogled the fiber.  I have not spent all that much time with the actual sheep who grow such amazing wool.  So it became a fun game to guess what color the fiber was going to be when shorn.


See that speckled sheep above?  I came home with that little fleece.  it’s brown and tan and white and heathered of all the colors…..


Meet Tipsy and her two not even a day old lambs.  Remember, that her fleece is black and grey under there.

How is one to choose?  I ended up not taking any pics of the whites…. hmmm I got sidetracked by all the party colors.  I ended up taking home a second fleece that is grey, white and black…. I said no to the whites for now.  I need to be able to know I have time for it.  But I processed two fleeces last year.  So there is hope.  Right?



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