Decisions, colored cotton, and a cat….

So it’s that time, when I have to figure out what my final project for this years MSP course will be.  I have to make it out of a cellulose fiber.  So that is Flax, Hemp, Raime, or Cotton. The project needs to take 50 hours. Originally, I wanted to use colored cotton and weave a light summer wrap using colored cotton on my rigid heddle loom.  While up in Olds at the fiber market, I bought a bunch.  Then my teacher indicated that spinning cotton from prepared fiber was a kin to cheating.  Really!!!  Obviously, she has never seen me actually sit down to spin cotton, because I can tell you it’s still challenging.

Also, my husband decided to take up weaving last fall and we warped the rigid heddle for him…. needless to say, his project is still in process.  So I needed to think up a new idea.  I am pretty in love with spinning hemp.  It is really a fun fiber to spin.  So I ordered about a pound of it.  I also decided I really wanted a make a bag.  I thought the idea of a hemp or flax bag from hand spun sounded pretty amazing.  So I started googling knit hemp bags and came across this one.  I even spun up a sample of a 2 ply linen yarn from line flax.

I did mention the cat right?  So we are cat sitting this pretty adorable kitty.  wp-1490572242050.jpegIn our home.  We have not had a cat in years.  I think the kitty stole my ball of linen…..  because I can’t find it anywhere.  It’s very strange.

Then, out of the blue, I was talking with a friend about a sample I need to weave and how my loom is occupied.  Low and behold….. she lets me borrow her rigid heddle.  Which is an old and large one like mine.  Now I have an empty loom……  Now I have to decide what to put on it.

I am leaning towards weaving a shoulder bag out of both hemp and flax.

Oh and this weekend I spun up a 4 ply green cotton for an assignment and I went ahead and boiled the skein in washing soda.  I have been told that after boiling the color would change to a darker green!  I had no idea!  It’s my favorite color.  Before spinning on the right.  After spinning and boiling on the right!

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