Wash your woolens

Stand back, I’ve got this.  We are going to wash our woolens.  Yes, it will all be fine.  No, they won’t get ruined or felted.  Here’s a secret…. it’s not even hard.  Really.  I promise.

First find the item to be washed.  For me it’s my hat.  I have not washed this hat since I made it… so it really needs it.  I tend to be lazy that way about hats and gloves.  However, this could be a sweater or a wool shirt perhaps.

Step one: Find a suitable vessel.  This could be your sink (kitchen, laundry, bathroom…) for me it’s this little bowl.  It’s a hat.  Anyway, then grab some dawn.  Yes, the blue stuff.  You could use wool wash, but it can be hard to find and expensive.  Dawn is what I use to wash fleece and it works for regular wool items as well…  and see it even has a baby duck on the front.  Awwww.  Could you use another brand….  I have not experimented.  There is something about the formulation of dawn that fiber people especially like.  imag1686.jpg

Since I don’t feel like doing all of the research, I keep dawn in my house for washing both raw fleece and wool.  Feel free to research and let me know.

Step two:  Put warm water in your basin.  Not Hot, warm.  (note, it could be hot, the key is that your wash water and your rinse water need to be the SAME temperature.)  the squirt in some Dawn.  How much?  A squirt or two, depending on how large your sink/bowl is.  You want soap in the water but not bubbles.  So squirt it in and swish it around gently.  imag1687.jpgI think those squiggle lines are the soap.

Step Three: Submerge your woolen item in the solution. Let it sit for 10-15 min.  imag1688.jpg

Step Four: Take your item out and squish (gently) the excess soapy water out imag1689.jpg

Step Five: refill your vessel with water of a similar temperature as your wash water.  This is important.  NO drastic changes in temp.  It doesn’t have to be exact, just don’t shock your wool, this leads to felting. Then place your item back in the rinse water and let it sit for another 10ish min.  Repeat this step again.  (Rinse twice incase that was not clear)


After two rinses, squeeze out the excess again and then roll your item up in a towel.  Once rolled in a towel you can squeeze it a lot without worrying about felting it.  I tend to kneel on the roll to get out as much water as possible.

Finally lay item to dry or block if required.


Your woolens will thank you.


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