Primitive Skills

I gotta tell you, I am tired!

It has just been one of those weeks!  My family returned VERY, VERY late on Monday night from a swim meet in Phoenix, which for myself and my youngest was proceeded by a week of camping in the Arizona desert.  I still have not quite reintegrated with my life.  I am also just a wee bit still tired.

First my trip to the desert.  My 9 year old and I were fortunate enough to get to travel down to Wintercount.  It is a primative skills gathering.  We had all sorts of fun.  Ideally, I would like to eventually teach at wintercount, so this was also a fact gathering mission.  Anyway, we traveled in a group of about 30 people from home, half of which were children.  Here are some highlights.


My daughter looking like a Native princess.  She is sporting the bow she helped to make as well as the beautiful quiver with black bear fur that she won!  She is pretty over the moon about that quiver I tell you.


This is a blurry picture of the wire wrapped pendant she made. She also got to make a stone pendant out of a redstone as well as to make a bowl out of a gourd, a knife sheath out of birch bark.  They got to learn about making fire with a firebow.  Whew! All that makes me tired.  We also slept in a tent, got really sandy and had a lot of mom/daughter bonding time.

Wait, you say, what did you get to do?  I got to attend a wonderful class on Inkle loom weaving by Pam (who’s last name escapes me) from the BOSS.  She was just wonderful and I made this really fun belt. I also learned that my weaving was not as far off the mark as I originally thought it was.  I got to have some great conversations about wool for weaving as well as fantasy books with another student.  One can not underestimate an entire day of grown up conversation!imag1675.jpg

I also participated in the trade blanket and trade fair (both lots of fun.) It is so much fun to take $$ out of what you have made and decide is this yarn/fiber/spindle worth a jar of honey or a knife or whatever else.

I got really dirty!!! imag1680.jpg

I really appreciated the clean clothes my husband had waiting in his bag at the hotel I tell you!

My next post is on how to wash your wool…..  Because I have done A LOT of that since I came home.


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