I have been wanting to dye with logwood for a while.  However, I have been having some problems finding logwood dyestuff.  One of my issues is that I could not find a supplier in the US that had any.  I ended up buying mine from WildColors UK.  Then I went and read about logwood in one of my dye books and they referenced a fiber studio in the US who has it and Hill Creek Fiber Studios does in fact carry it.  I don’t know why they did not show up when I googled it.  But I am glad I looked in the supplier section of that book.  The other place I found that has logwood is Cabellas.  Yes the sporting good store.  Apparently, it is used as a treatment to keep traps (yes, those large iron ones) from rusting.  The next time I am in one of their stores I am going to check it out.  The other issue you have with logwood is that it is a rainforest tree, so you want to find sustainably harvested logwood if possible.  Most of the fiber places say where theirs comes from.  I have to do more research on the stuff from the sporting goods store.

My logwood finally arrived.  Last night I stuffed 100g into a stocking and poured boiling water over it to allow it to steep over night.  Today I added more water and simmered the dyestuffs for an hour.  imag1647.jpgAfter an hour, I took out the dyestuff and added 150 g of Corridale roving and 50 g of CVM spun wool.  I let this simmer for about a half hour.  The yarn was very light in color, but the roving was a vivid purple.imag1649.jpg  I took out the roving and allowed it to cool and then put it in a rinse.  It’s important to rinse logwood well otherwise the dye will “crock” when you are spinning or knitting with it.  Basically that means it will come off on your hands.  This often happens with indigo.  After rinsing, I hung the roving to dry.  Then I put the Romney roving in the pot and a scarf I wanted to overdye.imag1652.jpg  I also put the bag of dyestuff back into the dyepot, like I did with madder.  I simmered the scarf and the Romney until It was a color I liked. imag1650.jpg Those were also rinsed.  Then I threw the original skein of yarn back in and let it simmer for a few min (20-30) then I took the dyestuff out and turned off the pot and allowed the yarn to sit in the pot and cool.  Several hours later, I took out the yarn and allowed it to cool.

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