I may be a wee bit obsessed.   

While revisiting cota, I decided that idea should do a second dye bath with my cochineal.  It is my understanding that you can actually  do up to three dye baths with my little sachet of ground bugs.  So while waiting  for pots to boil I tossed it into a pot to see.

The dye bath resembled grape juice or black currants.  And there was this black scum…. see it there along the sides.

It was worrisome I tell you. However,  after some cleansing breaths, I realized  I could strain the dye through my muslin towels to catch it.  It worked beautifully.

I think the reason I got those black funky things was because I kept the cochineal in the same little  sachet as last time.  I think there was dried dye on the outside that came off.  Once strained the dye pot worked beautifully and the color I got on my Corridale top is georgeous. (And this was the second extraction)

Next time, I will transfer  the dye stuff into a new bundle before using it.

I just have to say I can’t  get enough of this color.  It makes a primal part of me soooo very happy. Obsession like happy.  I NEED to have more of it and I can feel that mad scientist laugh bubbling up from within.   The very best part though,  I keep looking at it thinking I did this!


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