New Year’s Madness

I must have lost my mind…. Or been distracted.  My son convinced me that his close friends from Southern NM needed to come visit the week after Christmas.  We negotiated that I would not be driving on my birthday…. which is 2 days post Christmas.  So we ventured to the halfway point of Albuquerque on Wednesday to fetch them. (I’m still trying to figure out which day I can take them home to miss most of the snow.) Which puts the total of teens in my home up to 4…. and puts the 9 year old in poor spirits because the teenagers humor her but would rather not have to deal with her. Oh boy.

Luckily, I also have good friends.  So yesterday the In-laws left for their trip back home taking advantage in the pre snow window to get out a dodge.  I ran away with the youngest to go ice skating with her friends.  As an aside, I forgot how much I enjoy skating and have been loving spending time with my youngest on the ice this last few weeks.  I convinced her to do 5 weeks of lessons and it has made all the difference.  While I was gone, my amazing husband set up the recently vacated apartment into a teen boy cave.  He even made them move the chocolate milk and frozen boy provisions of pizza rolls and chicken nuggets to the freezer over there.  Lauren’s friends took her home after ice skating and then they ended up keeping her over night.

Then today after the swim club had a skating event (you sense a trend?) the littlest got out of the house again for a sleep over at yet another friend’s home leaving me with 3 boys and my middle daughter who somehow convinced me that her two friends from down the street needed to come overnight too.  So now I have all the teens…..  What was I thinking???

Actually, they are all coping well and playing munchkin together after which the home made pastrami might be finished and we can feed the hoard.  After they are fed, the boys are being vanished to the boy cave for the night and the girls to my daughters room to giggle over anime all night…

In the meantime


I have started another boneyard ish shawl with the Cota dyed alpaca blend.  My mother in law just started Reyna I think I may use the cashmere and camel blends I spun several months ago to make it.  imag1418.jpg

It seems unreal that 400ish yards will make a shawl as big as the pattern says it will be, but It’s a cool looking pattern.

Happy new year!


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