Swatching, and odds n ends.

First I have to say that I am a very lucky person.  Last weekend our 4H club had our annual holiday party.  My sneaky co chair emailed the club and many of them brought me gifts of yarn.  It was so amazingly sweet.  (I also got a very nice candle.) I was so focused on planning the gathering and making sure the gift exchange went off smoothly (for instance we found out that it’s hard to have secret santa when people fail to show up, so white elephant is the way to go) any way, I had absolutely no idea that they were plotting to give me something.  Anyway, I now have several amazing skeins of commercial yarn.  Yarn, that I pretty much never buy for myself.

Currently, I am knitting a small shawl out of a multi color blend (It is probably going to be my mother in law’s christmas present).  I also have this gorgeous chunky alpaca yarn in a really cool blue.  That yarn is going to become a cowl.  I have a nice burgundy colored lace weight and some light blue cotton and then today, the mom of a couple of the kids brought me another skein.  Those kids got me some beautiful kettle dyed Malabrigo…..  Probably my favorite commercial yarn of all time.

While all of this shinny new yarn is distracting me I also have Lauren’s fingerless gloves on my needles.  imag1547.jpgI need to finish them because I started them first.

Then as if I even have time for more I swatched the CVM. (It’s about 18stitches for 4inches if you were wondering) That’s 4.5 stitches per inch on size 8 needles.  That’s also before washing/blocking.  20161217_171648.jpg I think most knitters HATE swatching.  However, I really want to be able to make a yoked sweater out of this yarn.  So I really need to know my gauge and my yardage.  So I am finishing the washing/combing of the grey portion and hopefully I have enough of the darker grey for the body/sleeves and I can use the lighter gray and some of the white (dyed) as color work in the yoke.

Also in the midst of this my oldest turned 17.  I am in denial.  20161213_104123.jpgDespite the numbers on the pie (it’s tradition…. I don’t bake cake… I do lots of other things, but not cake).  It was blueberry, it was fantastic.  Maybe not as good as a blueberry pie in July when they are fresh, but still it was pretty nice.

Oh and my husband brewed some beer.  In our new fermenter.

We are pretty excited about it.  When we pulled off some of the sludge today it the yeast in that portion was still super active.

I am finally getting my head around mordanting all of my fibers for doing dye work this week.  I have 5 days left to use my studio before it becomes guest space for 10ish days….  the clock is ticking.  At least school is done for a couple of weeks so I have freedom to do something other than spin (never thought I would say that).


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