Large Format Baking

20161201_201307.jpgWith our swim club’s fundraiser looming, I decided to delve into the world of giant cookies.  Ordinarily, I like a nice normal sized cookie.  You know, one or two, perhaps three bites.  You might have two in a sitting.  Maybe 3, if it’s a 3 cookie day.  It doesn’t feel excessive to eat a small cookie.  However, when plopping down some cash for a cookie and hot cocoa while perusing the wares on our town’s noel night????  Well, then I want to feel like I am getting something for my money.  So when I found out that we may not have gotten a lot of items coming in for our bake sale, I am afraid I went a bit crazy.

Since I normally do not bake in large format, I called my BFF Flarycka.  She does this all the time.  Because she is my BFF and we have known each other for most of our lives, and we practically taught ourselves to bake in one another’s kitchens, she texted me her recipe.  Unfortunately, this is super top secret, so it will NOT be posted here.  Although, I can hint that it is almost a doubling of the normal choc chip recipe.

It started at the grocery store where my favorite flour which is usually 4$ a bag (so I don’t usually buy it) went on sale for $1.99. I may or may not have bought all remaining bags.  Then the butter was on sale for $1.99 a pound….  Like I said, I went a tiny bit insane there.  Then, I could not find any candy canes!!!  Nov 30 and no candy canes???  Which meant that my son and I had to brave Walmart post swim practice this am.  After wandering the store for quite a while, we FINALLY found the peppermint candy canes.  I bought 3 boxes, because if they are this hard to find I might as well stock up.

Back at home I started to bake, I think I found the limit to my mixing bowl.  When the dough started to jump out of the bowl I had to stop adding chips…

I think I have made somewhere around 120 ish cookies,  regular choc chip with M&M’s, and white chocolate chip with candy cane pieces…..20161201_201321.jpg

Tomorrow, I am going to cook some Molasses spice cookies in large format.  The dough is in the fridge waiting.  I am optimistic about them as they are my favorite.  Although dangerous, because I could totally eat a molasses cookie as big as my head.  Without much guilt…..Then I have a couple of batches of rice crispy treats to make.  Hopefully, those shoppers tomorrow night get hungry for some baked goods and cocoa!

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