Unexpected outcomes…

As some readers may have picked up, I homeschool my 3 children.  My oldest two are HS age.  My oldest is turning 17 next month.  Last year he told me that he needed to be accountable to someone other than myself in order for him to not just while his time away while not getting things finished.  So this year I enrolled both he and his 14year old sister in a local E-School for some shared class.  They are both using it for a foreign language, science and humanities.

Things started off well enough and then my son’s grades just tanked.  It turns out that instead of doing school work, he was watching videos and chatting with friends online.  So I took the power cord from his desktop in his bedroom and now he has to do school work at a laptop with me sitting next to him.  His grades are going up…. my sanity is going down!

This post is about the unexpected benefit of sitting in a chair for hours a day.  I have almost spun up every bit of the White CVM! imag1509.jpg I can spin and ply one 25 gram skein per day, or thereabouts.  I have been spinning Each skein with the same ratio and the same draft and plying it the same way.  So far, I have been able to maintain a both a consistent TPI and WPI for all of the skeins I have spun this way.

My goal with spinning these small skeins is to use them as colorwork in similar projects or as part of a larger project.  One of the first skeins I spun this way went into a friend’s indigo pot along with several other skeins of my yarn.  imag1513.jpgThe original skein I dyed with Rabbit bush is not quite the same TPI and WPI.  But I have enough of the combed Rabbit bush fiber to spin one at the current TPI.  I have 5 other white skeins now to play with.

In the meantime, I have been trying to wash the dark grey CVM so that I can use it with these white skeins.  I really want to use them in a yoked sweater.  So I have also spun up two skeins of the grey at the same TPI.  imag1514.jpgHowever, I am not ending up with a lot of yards because I am trying for a worsted weight yarn.  I have at least enough of the dark fiber for another 200 yards or so.  However then I have the light grey.  I may just have to get really creative to put them all together in the same sweater.

I have finished about half of my MSP homework, however, I can’t go over during the week to work on it anymore.  So It will probably slow down until the break coming up and Christmas break.

I can not tell you the excitement I felt yesterday when I combed up the last bit of the white.  Which leads me to the other unexpected bit about my two oldest having all of their electronics taken from them….  My 14year old, who is also a super creative child, decided that she needed a dressmaker’s dummy.  So she and my 9 year old made one out of an old t-shirt and some duct tape and all of my comb waste.  I really did not want to throw all of that away, but it had no other practical use.  The girls were thrilled with all the stuffing.  I am amazed by what unchained creativity can do.  My son you ask?  He just remembered that he loves to read.  So he as read 3 novels in the past several days.  And has had time to actually do some SAT prep.  I am not sure that the electronics are coming back soon and when they do, it will be with LOTS of restrictions.


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