My Garden

Putting the garden to bed

It was time.  Perhaps a bit past time.  The frost came a couple of weeks ago.  My zinnas had just started blooming.  They bloomed for about a month.  Then from one day to the next zap!  Luckily my mom came and helped me to move my iris to a new bed in the back yard and plant all the new tulip and snowdrops we ordered.  We are trying safron crocus this year.  We planted 50 of them in my garden.  Which makes my veggie bed way smaller for next year.

imag1469.jpgI got all the tomatoes pulled out and the cages stacked.  I need to make a place for them on the side of the house.  I picked up the thousand pear tomatoes that had fallen into the garden in an attempt to keep them from coming up volunteer next spring.  I am pretty sure I am just going to have pear tomatoes everywhere.

I dug up the carrots.  Can I tell you that it takes a VERY long time for them to grow?  A very long time.  This is all my crop this year.  imag1464.jpgI don’t remember sowing the short fat ones… but that’s what we got.  I think between the sunflowers and the tomato plants they just did not get enough sun.  I think I will need to rethink them next year.

I also am trying my hand at harvesting seeds this year.  So when I made soup today I cut some of my last cherokee purple tomatoes and scooped out some seeds. imag1468.jpg

I loved having all the tomato plants this year. But I feel like all I had was tomato plants.  So next year I only want maybe 4-5 plants…. one row by the fence.  Then I will still have room for potatoes and greens and my squash…. I may have to have a container garden.

I dug up the fennel.  It was not a plant that gave me bulbs.  I was growing it for bulbs.  It became larger than the sunflowers… I moved the sage to give both it and the oregano more room.  The chives will probably also move in.  So my herb garden got larger and my veggie bed becomes smaller… Definitely, some pots.

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