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Getting back to normal…

The summer has flown…. It is gone.  School is starting.  My kids are half started.  Since we homeschool I have never been in a hurry to start before Labor day.  That has helped me this year with trying to catch up after my whirlwind summer, fair and the gathering.  The oldest two have started an online shared school program for three classes and the other two start in a few weeks.  my youngest and I will start next week.  This week has been for catching up, working on lists.  Random stuff.

My tomatoes are coming in like crazy.  More every day.  imag1403.jpg

What, not into Roma’s and Pears?


There are Cherokee purple and Branywines as well.  Weirdly I ended up with one yellow pear tomato plant and one yellow Brandywine plant.  All the Brandywines were from the same seed packet…. same with the pears, all the seeds came from the same packet.  So why yellow? I am loving them none the less.

We have now made several batches of “fresh” tomato sauce.  Just chopped up hodgepodge of tomatoes, some garlic, a diced zucchini and some fresh basil.  Yum!!!  When they are gone next month, I will be sad.

Tonight I started my MSP level 5 homework.  Assignment 1 was to spin 100% nylon. It was way more fun than I thought… But that is for another post.

I am also working on a fun project.  I am spinning up some of my “A Verb for Keeping Warm” Color ways from her long ago luxury fiber club. imag1418.jpg The first is baby camel/silk, then some Cashmere/merino and finally just some yak.  I plan to use the 3 yarns in one project.  Not sure what yet. I need the final yardage.  It is such a pleasure to spin.

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