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Endings and beginnings…

This was a hard week.  I knew it was going to be a hard week.  Every night there was something on the agenda.   I had known for a month it was going to be crazy!  It started with an out of town swim meet.  So I was gone all weekend.  We drove home on Monday.  My kids swam terrifically!  They all dropped time.  That Monday night was a 4H meeting.  It went well.  I got home, I checked facebook, and then……  No one should hear about an unexpected death on facebook.  It was not a close friend.  She was someone in my fiber world.  Someone who touched the world of every fiber person in our region.  I had just seen her, been to her home for spinning the week before.  We were to have coffee and discuss reopening a fleece show at our county fair.  She was open, and welcoming and loved to share her knowledge with those around her.  She was so alive.  She also had stage  four cancer and had been fighting it for 3 years.  Her passing leaves a hole.  That was Monday.

The next night was our banquet for swim club.  It went better than I could have hoped for.  The next night a board meeting, then a volunteer dinner.  Did I mention my youngest had a science fair, etc…  On Thursday our small group of spinners met to hug each other and honor our friend.   I think we were all in such shock.  In the meantime, my lilacs bloomed. And life continued on.

I finally finished plying the cotton.  It’s drying now and I will start skeining it this week.  I hope I have enough yards…

I started work on my garden.  My tomato starts are not small anymore.imag1284.jpg

I cleaned up what is now my herb garden and dug and dug in my new veggie bed.  Planted my Kale starts.  (I am hoping the frost does not kill them) planted radish seeds and lettuce.


My sweater continues along.  I am almost to the point where I ripped it out.  How can 20 extra stitches take so much longer to knit? It feels like a time warp.  Finally, my week ended with my girls and a piano recital.  Which I am thankful I did not forget to take them to.  Next week is all set to be crazy as well.  Here’s hoping it will be slightly less insane?


3 thoughts on “Endings and beginnings…

  1. You are so busy. Your days are so full of life and living. Enjoyed reading. Appreciate your following the Dragon Journal.

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