A tale of two banana breads.

imag1244.jpgSaturday, I had a potluck and my son had work.  He is a lifeguard.  Most of the lifeguards are in their teens or early twenties and they are notoriously hungry.  At some point in the past month I had sent some banana bread in with my son and the guards went nuts.  So he asked me to make more for Saturday.  We also had way too much sourdough starter on my counter, so it worked out

I made them in the evening on Friday, so they were not quite cool before I went to bed.  I sort of realized I had not put them in containers, but was too tired to get up and deal with it.  So in the morning I sliced them and put them into two separate boxes.  My son packed up his bag and grabbed one, and later when I headed out I grabbed the other.

I went on my way, had a lovely lunch.  My bread was perfect, moist and delish like always.  I go and pick up the boy at the pool and he says. “Mom, it was kind of funny.  All the guards were going crazy over your bread and saying it was the “best banana bread ever! and so addictive”  But, I was thinking, this is so NOT the best bread you have made.  I kept thinking, “you don’t know good, wait till you have a good one”  What happened?”  Before you get outraged, I have a banana bread reputation.  My banana breads are pretty amazing, with or without sourdough… My son has been eating them all his life, so when he says something is sub-par, he’s right.  Also keep in mind that he was not being pissy with me, more just looking at the other kids in wonderment as they scarfed down what he thought was a not particularly good effort on my part.  Because, he has had the “good” stuff.

There were a couple of slices left so I tried it.  It was dry and crumbly.  Kind of like it had been left out and gotten stale…. ooops.  Boy was I glad that My son had take one for the team.   (if I had taken his to my potluck, I would have been very upset) He was right, it was totally NOT the best bread ever.  He was just shaking his head in bafflement.  I guess my kids are a bit spoiled.  So this morning I am making a redemption loaf.  Not sure if the same guards will be there or not.  However, guards are ALWAYS hungry.


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