Dedication, and a little wine.

I had hoped that spinning this amount of cotton , but I also had my doubts.  I broke my strings often.  I LOST my end.  Thanks to dayspringacres for the great advice about breaking my yarn and winding it onto a bobbin.  I did that and it gave me an end…. not sure it’s the end, but it was an end.  We will see when I ply what happens.  I spun several more “bumps” on my bobbin and then changed bobbins.

That was this afternoon.  My youngest had a friend over, my other two were swimming, I had an hour and a half… I plugged in my audiobook, and started to spin.  Then I went to pick up the older two, grocery shopped, popped pizza in the oven, poured some wine and spun…..  I now have half a bobbin of AMAZING cotton… imag1239.jpgamazing enough that I am not sure my first bobbin is nice enough to ply with it… although it would be stupid not too.  What took me weeks for the first bobbin, just took me several hours….  Maybe it was the wine.

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