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Just Breathe

I was getting over confident.  Just cruising along.  All of a sudden, I didn’t add enough twist and the cotton slid through my fingers and wound on.  So I pulled on the end, and it fell apart, then the end disappeared.  NOOOOOO!  I can’t find it.  I decided to walk away, pour some wine, watch house hunters.  My husband asked what was wrong. “I lost my end I said.”   He responded with “I am not sure how that is possible”.  I explained. imag1233.jpg There are no good options at this moment.  I tried tape, I tried gently scraping my nail in the opposite direction.  I can not find it.  If I can’t find it, I am hoping it will just appear.  If not, I have to break the thread and move ahead.  Then when I ply, I will have this strange moment when the thread is broken…

Then today, I got to that great point in my sweater, I joined my sleeves to my bodyimag1232.jpg and was just getting ready to start the pleats in front when I decided to count my stitches….  Why I waited until I had knit 17inches to count, I have no idea.  Apparently, I was living in denial.  I was 20 stitches  off, yes 20 stitches.  That was a whole size, a whole size too small.  My husband laughingly told me it would make a great sweater for my 14 year old…. After glaring at him, I undid my sleeves, pulled out the rest of the body, and cast on the correct number of stitches.  (I counted three times.)  Now I am hoping that I did not twist my stitches… only 1 and a half rows in.   Luckily, I have a new audiobook…


4 thoughts on “Just Breathe

  1. I laughed about ripping out the stitches. WITH you, not at you. Because I also have done exactly that. Frustrating, but I know that if I don’t do the frog thing, it will sit there, taunting me, torturing me. You won’t make that same mistake again. As for the lost end. Grab your loose line and pull it up backwards. If that doesn’t work, break it and pull what you have off onto a ball winder. When you find your end, you will know what to do.

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