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Juniper season really needs to be over.

Really!  How many weeks does one plant really need to pollinate?  We are at over 4 weeks now.  Juniper is still on top of the allergen forecast.  I am done.  On a happy note, I forgot to take my allergy meds this am… you are thinking why is this happy? It is happy because it made me stop at Walgreens before my dentist apt and buy a small packet of medication.  I have found that this spring my drug of choice is name brand Allegra.  The difference in my symptoms between the generic and name brand was noticeable for me this spring. Anyway, I really did not need another whole bottle of the stuff so I picked up an 8 pack of their “gel capsuls” WOW!!!!  It’s amazing.  I also forgot the allergy eyedrops, but I don’t need them.  This stuff rocks.  Why is it better than the other? I don’t know!  Maybe the allergens in the air are better today and the regular kind would have worked just as well?  I guess I will find out tomorrow.

In the midst of all of this juniper pollen I pulled the silk off the niddynoddy.  I really did not feel like counting it all, so I don’t have a clue on yardage lets say between 800-1000?  Lace weight singles.  imag1226.jpg

Beautiful!!!  It will become a stunning wrap hopefully with beads.

In the meantime, remember the cotton… it goes slowly.  Not horrible, not amazing.  It has been reminding me when I get too overconfident that I am not really in control of this fiber.  sigh…imag1227.jpg

That being said, the yarn on my bobbin is growing.  The wisps of fiber that float away because I broke my thread or  did not have enough twists are getting fewer.  Right now I am having a hard time with joins.  If I fail several times, I have learned to walk away.  My family is laughing at me as I make my horrified noises when it breaks or won’t join.  Even that is becoming less often. Maybe once every 3-4 drafts which is way better than every draft or two.  I was hoping that spinning this would help me.  I think it has, it’s just that I feel like I have such a long way to go to really master this fiber.  Every time is better though.  Bit by bit.



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