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Cotton – again

I registered for my next class at Olds.  Level 5 Master Spinner.  It takes place on campus during Fiber week.  I am pretty excited.  I get 5 days of spinning free of the family.  Not that I don’t love them all, but It’s nice to have a break to think about non family things.  They may or may not join me at the end for a small adventure in CA.  We are still working out those details.  Not to mention travel arrangements… but those things cause me to feel very stressed, so we shall not discuss them here.

Once I was registered, I decided that I should read the supply list.  Because if i needed to order something, it would be best to not wait.  Also, I know from previous classes, I need some handspun for our dye day.  In the past this has always been wool.  But not this year…  I need somewhere around 350 yards of a handspun cellulose fiber.  This can be either cotton or flax.

While flax was not nearly as arduous as I was worried it would be, I do not relish the idea of spinning that much of it.  So cotton it will be.  Unfortunately the wheel I really want to use is currently full of that beautiful silk. If I am dedicated I can finish that in the next week or so which gives me plenty of time for the cotton.  I hope.

Since I did not have enough cotton in my stash for this venture I decided to order some.  I did not shop around.  I went to the place that comes out of practically everyone’s lips when cotton is mentioned.  Cotton clouds.   This post is mostly about how awesome my package was when it arrived.

I ordered 8 oz of Sea Island Cotton sliver. imag1213.jpg I wanted Sea Island because I have learned from the past two years, that I can actually spin it and it has the longest staple and a very nice hand.  My cotton came in an envelope along with TONS of goodies.  I had no idea that I would get so much.

They sent me a price list of all the items they sell and on the back:imag1218.jpgsmall samples of all their fiber.

They also sent two very nice pamphlets with lots of information on the types of cotton as well as how to spin it.

And finally, a small bag of samples to spin of all their fiber offerings! imag1215.jpgIt was so exciting.  While, most of the information is not new to me, it is excellent to put into my reference notebooks

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