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It’s Magic….

This time every year, I get antsy to start my garden.  In the mountains, March is WAY to early to plant anything. Well anything outdoors.  Last year I started lettuce, kale, peppers, basil and nasturtium inside.  All did amazing.  Even the basil which was barely an inch tall when planted.

I was given some tomato seedlings last year, so I did not start them.  The previous year I tried but I started them much too late and the plants were so small they did not do a whole lot.  This year I started my tomatoes about a month or more ago… I know it’s super early, but our growing season is so short.  I can’t even put them in the ground until mid June ish.  I want them as big as possible at that time.  I can not believe how big they are already and beautiful and amazing!

seedlings needing to be transplanted

I need to put them into larger containers.  I ran out of soil after I transplanted 5.  imag1208.jpgSo off to the store again in the next few days, wish I had known while I was there this am. Oh well.

I also started a bunch of herbs, kale and lettuce today along with some nasturtium.  It says on the package that nasturtium doesn’t like to be transplanted, but it did just fine in my garden last year after starting inside.  imag1210.jpg

The hardest part about starting seeds inside is having to cull them.  It’s like choosing which child you love best.

Off to research how to start my worm bin.


2 thoughts on “It’s Magic….

  1. I so understand about culling your seedlings. I kept repotting my tomato plants and after planting about twenty in the garden I had to give away lots of baby tomato plants, I think I had about 100 extra, I might have gone a little overboard. !!

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