Spring Break-ish

Cleaned out the bed a bit to be able to see the early bloomers!

For the past several years, as homeschoolers, we have not followed the normal schedule for our local schools.  Not following it can be very liberating.  We can vacation when we want and take days we need etc… the main problem with not following this schedule is that when you are off, all the activities your kids are in are still happening.  So while you are not doing school during the day, you are still rushing around in the evening.  This year my oldest begged to go back to a traditional schedule.  I think this was mostly to keep from having to do school in the summer.  So other than starting 2 weeks later than everyone else and not taking all the silly one day holidays and work days scattered about (that was our 2 weeks at the beginning) we have been on track.

Then my oldest’s best friends from about 7 hours away asked if he could come visit for a week.  It happened to correspond with a time when I would have to make a drive to our half way point for his sister’s piano competition anyway. So I said yes.  Then my in-laws decided to drive across from Texas and now we have spring break two weeks earlier than the public school.

Fairy house my youngest made with me last fall… she’s waiting for the pink tulips to bloom.

It has actually been a very pleasant week.  While we did not cancel every after school thing.  We had our 4h meeting, which as leader is hard to miss.  The girls also had a choral concert which was part of how I convinced the grandparents to come.  However, we had several nice long peace filled days.  I also have found I have a hard time planning food with out the 16 year old who eats everything in sight! I found that I missed him a lot.  However, I also got to clean his room.  Dust and vacuum, and throw away all the junk. Now hopefully when he gets back, he will be able to find stuff and focus.

I was able to get a local friend to purchase Folded for me.  Much rejoicing was had.  I will be reimbursing her soon.  However, I was able to swatch and start.  It is actually written for size 6 needles.  so It is going a bit faster than I had anticipated.

Is that not beautiful! I have a hard time realizing that I created yarn that perfect!

I have knit about 3″ thus far.  It’s very exciting.  Once the guests leave I can break out my combs again and start working on the fiber for the last 300 yards.

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