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How do you measure length?

I have plied, skeined and dried all of my brown Merino yarn.  How many yards do I have?  My normal method for figuring this out is to count the loops of the skien and then do the calculations for my 60″ niddynoddy.  the problem with this method is that Merino has bounce or shrinkage.  While it might be 60″ on the niddynoddy, once you release it, it springs back.  In this case my new circumference is closer to 44″ or 46″ depending on if the skein is hanging when measured or lain flat…  So if I count all of the loops together I end up with 657 loops.  If I use that number and multiply it by 44″ I get 28,908 inches.  Dividing that by 12 gives me 2,409 feet, then dividing it by 3 get me to 803 yards!.  If I were to add that extra 2″ to my loops I would get 839 ish yards.  wp-1457963736561.jpeg

Folded tells me that it takes 800-1400 yards.  I know that I am not an extra small.  Probably more on line with the Medium.  That doesn’t even take into account that I might want to lengthen the torso, or sleeves….  I need to spin some more yarn.  Luckily, two of my bobbins still have yarn on them.  So I just need to comb and spin up some for the third.  Ideally that will give me anther 200-300 yards.

Unfortunately, I have packed up the combs and the wheel I am spinning that project on due to guests and the hope that I might be done….  At least I was not reckless enough to toss all the fiber that was not processed. (see where I am with this stuff???) Also, I seem to be having problems purchasing folded from Ravelry.  Everytime I go to check out, Paypall just sits there until it times out.  It is very frustrating.  Unless you think it is user error, I even made my husband do it for me once (with much rolling of eyes on his part) then he tells me “it just does this sometimes”.  So not only do I not have enough yarn, I also don’t have the pattern so that I could start knitting anyway!!!!  It’s all very frustrating.  Perhaps I need to pick a different pattern?

I moved onto my other project that I want to accomplish.wp-1457963786945.jpeg

My youngest keeps coming over and petting it.  What’s not to love 100% Bombyx silk.  She says I never knit her something with yarn that soft.  HAHAHA…  No way is she getting my silk!  It doesn’t help that the colorway is amazing as well.  I think depending on my end yardage and if I’m chain plying or not etc… this will become a lace scarf with beads…  Have not looked for a pattern yet.

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