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Best part about riding in a Jeep? You get a Jeep Shadow!

What has been happening?  My homework was mailed… and has been graded and returned!  My husband is happy to have his scarf back and has been showing it off proudly to his co workers.  I got a fantastic grade.  Why this always surprises me, I have no idea.  I work hard on all my assignment.  However, I am also surrounded by very talented people in my fiber life so I always feel like I have lots of room for improvement.  Some of my skeins that I was worried about got full marks… So that is a very big Hurrah!

First Skein plied, but not finished.

I have started plying the brown Merino!  That is another huge Hurrah!  Hopefully it will be wet and set this week and knitting begin once I have a dry skein.  I decided on Folded which takes less than a mile of yarn and also is very like the tops I love to have in my wardrobe. Once I have a final count on yardage the pattern will be purchased and knitting shall commence.  I also have to verify my gauge… little thing that.

Let us not forget the sourdough.  In one week my darling husband bought me a grain mill, and two buckets of grain.  Then my daughter’s Pediatrician suggested she go gluten free.  I’m still a bit foggy on how we got there… but we are trying it for 3 months.  So that means, I am running a regular sourdough starter, a rye starter and now, yes, a gluten free starter.    I finally put them in the fridge… I can’t keep up with feeding all of them all the time.  Did I mention that I am also making my own yogurt and Kombuca now?  It’s all getting to be a bit much.  Luckily, there is some small amount of wiggle room to these fermentables, because you know, I get busy and forget.

Also, we keep trying to escape and do family things.

While this increases happiness, it makes it hard to get stuff finished.  I’ll take the happiness though.  My time with my kids is rapidly disappearing.  This weekend was Moab, UT.  Our first 4×4 trail.  It was a really fun time.  Great views, good friends, a pick-nick with great scenery.  The plant in the above pic is yellow dock.  It’s roots can be used as a dye plant.  There was a TON of it growing all over next to this trail.  However, I kept my hands and trowel to myself.  No gathering for me.  It yields a copper color without alum and a nice mustard yellow with it.

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