Spinning a 1650 and more

I decided this week that I really needed to sample the brown Merino to see what I had.  It is hard to plan for a project when you are not sure how much yarn you need or have or even what the weight of the yarn is in spinning terms.  I had singles on 3 bobbins, so I plied up about 20 yards of it.  It ended up being 13 WPI (which is a fingering weight) and the TPI on the 3 ply was 5.  I have not calculated the angle yet.  It is the most even yarn I have spun to date.  This is impressive for many reasons.  The biggest being the fact that I have been working on this project sporadically for over a year.  Starting, stopping, taking it to spin ins… spinning at fair.  You get the idea.

I swatched the Merino.  On size 4 needles.  imag1145.jpg

The number that is important here is that my gauge is about 6 stitches (6.1 to be exact) to one inch.  ON SIZE 4 needles.  At this point I start thinking about my options.  I could spin an extra ply and hope that I got closer to a DK weight.  Or I could look for patterns for fingering weight yarns.

Strangely enough, my grandmother’s generation knit a lot of sweaters on size 4 needles.  This fact is mind boggling.  Amidst the vintage patterns I came across this gem of a pattern.  Black Wattle.  It is so pretty.  It looks like the kind of sweater I would snuggle in all winter.  Now comes the moment of truth, how much yarn?  The pattern says: 1203-2297.  By looking at peoples finished projects I have figure out that for my size I probably need over 1500 yards… Hence the 1650…  Why 1650? That is a mile in yards.  Remember I have swimmers.  My oldest is a miler.  Not only do I need to do 1650 (minimum) I need to spin 3 bobbins of that for my yarn.  That number is a little terrifying.  However, also exciting.

I think I still have enough scoured in the box to be combed to make that number happen.


2 thoughts on “Spinning a 1650 and more

  1. You can do it Sarah! I spun a half fleece of merino, it took me a month and a half most evenings and a few spin-ins to finish. I ended up with 1900 yards of three ply 13 wpi (not sure what to call it) Fine and 460 yards of bulky 2 ply. I love it. I got sooo much spinning done just focusing on the half fleece.

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