Leg Warmers and finished projects.

imag1128.jpgWell, it’s finished.  It turned out amazing.  It has a slight prickle factor from the guard hairs in the Yak.  But once you are wearing it for a while, I find them easy to get used to.  My husband is beyond pleased.  Only now he has to wait for it to get graded and returned.  imag1132.jpgMy son doing some modeling for me.  Luckily, he won’t wear anything I spin or knit other than a hat, and only that under duress.

Now that I am finished, I have this void.  My next class is not until June.  I need to finish combing and spinning that brown Merino.  I looked at some sweater patterns that are exciting.  So that will happen. I took a small break from all of that and took out this hank of hand dyed 100% Bombyx silk to start spinning.  Why? Because spinning silk = happiness.  I need a little happy silk spinning right now.

In the mean time I need some knitting projects.  Our little town does a winter party for lack of a better word.  It’s really an excuse for adults to wear costumes and drink. This year’s theme is back to the 80’s.   There are a few kid friendly events like the parade and my kids want a little bit of costume.  So I am knitting legwarmers. Out of chunky acryllic yarn.  It’s kind of fun.  On size 13 needles they go fast.  I finished my youngest’s pair.

imag1129.jpgThey may not be exactly the same size…. not sure I care really.  I need to cast on for my oldest.  For me the funny thing about this project was the shopping of the yarn.  I was not buying good yarn, no way.  These are Lion Brand… what ever was cheapest.   There were a couple of other yarns I would have used, but they were around $6 a skein for under a 100 yards… my oldest was not getting expensive leg warmers.  I still can’t believe that there was yarn that cost that much at Wal-Mart.  However, we were able to find something to work for both of them.  YAY.

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