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Knitting and crumpets

What Have I been doing this week? I’m glad you ask, I have been Knitting.  Knitting in the snow storm on the way to swim meets (thank goodness for my husband driving), knitting at swim meetsimag1125.jpg, knitting at practice, knitting at chorus and piano lessons….  knitting.  I am at that place in these things where one row takes 20 min to knit across.  I am so close.  My Bone yard shawl has 16- 12 row repeats.  I just stated the 15th in my husbands….  Did I mention knitting while watching football?  It’s a good thing I have a little bit of time before my deadline.  Because, you know I do have kids that need me for homeschooling. Someone has to cook crumpets….

On to crumpets.  As you may know from previous posts, I have sourdough…. When you have sourdough that you want to keep active, you feed it all the time twice a day.  I have both a rye starter and a regular starter….  I don’t make enough bread to keep up with it all, so i have to find other things to do with it.  Thank goodness for Cultures for Health.  Their sourdough banana bread recipe is getting rave reviews every time I make it and take it somewhere. (there were going to be pics of the banana bread but my kids ate it all.)

Over the break, I was looking for that recipe and came across a crumpet recipe instead.  I swear we make thisIMG_1831Crumpet batter




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