It seems that I am late with a New Years post.  It’s been a little busy here.  Every year for the past few the two week break we take at the holidays has become my time to frantically try to finish my MSP homework.  This year I have been actually doing well.  I finished most of my homework in October. Then I stalled out.  I had lots and lots of time.  Now it is Jan 3, and I have a little over a month until it’s due.

I am not panicking, but I am working hard.  This past week I have finished all the spinning and plying on my final.wp-1451834687485.jpeg  I decided on a 2 ply after I plied enough to knit a swatch and see the actual fabric.  It’s stunning and the weight is perfect.  It is a fingering weight 2 ply.  Stats will follow when it’s all finished.  The 3 ply would have made it a DK weight which is what the original pattern called for.  Speaking of which I found the pattern.  Well, this entailed texting my mother in law to find out the name.  However, the pattern I am using is called the Boneyard Shawl.  It is perfect for my hubby.  The color of the yarn is amazing.  It has a nice heathering.  The sheen of the silk comes through just enough.  I am so happy with it.

That brings me to the next step, I started the actual knitting of it. imag1107.jpg I think it’s going to take me 25 hours ish.  I am setting a goal of at least 2 hours of knitting a day.  It sounds like a lot, but then you must remember how much waiting I do, there are swim practices and chorus, and piano etc…  I think I can make my 2 hours easily before I get home in the evening.

I spent much of yesterday doing my final labeling and calculating count on all of my skeins.  This also involved doing layouts for my book.  I have used a 12×12 strap hinge album for everyone of my levels thus far.  It works so well.  I need to buy my album next weekend when we are in a town big enough for a Hobby Lobby which is the only craft store that sells the strap hinge albums I like.  However, at that point I should just be putting pages into the book.

I have 3 challenging skeins left to spin.  Well, 2 if the one I did last night is acceptable.  I am thinking I will use one of my two attempts.  It was the Faux Lopi skein.  Why, you ask, would one want to card and spin a faux Lopi?   I have no idea.  Perhaps if you just really wanted that Icelandic yarn and had not way of sourcing the fiber.  That would mean you would have a source for the components of the faux lopi…. but never mind.  It is a practice in figuring out how to do something.  It was king of fun.  It involved math and then figuring out how to blend all the fibers.  It was the kind of assignments when components of the past four years come together and you just understand something.  Hopefully I understand what I am supposed to, but learning is the goal.

If the Lopi is finished then I have a boucle and I have to spindle and ply a cotton skein.  Tricky that cotton one.  However, my spinning on my support spindle is improving.  Best of all it’s portable.  So I can spin on the pool deck etc.

Do I have goals for 2016? Yes! However, they all have to wait for my homework to be finished.  Then I have a glorious few months where I get to spin ANYTHING I want until fiber week in June!




2 thoughts on “2016

  1. Your yarn for the final project is beautiful and even more so after seeing the knitting. I am almost finished combing my Shetland wool for my final project. I know I will have to request an extension again. Working diligently but won’t get it all done in time. Glad you’re almost done.

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