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Twas the night before….

Actually, this post is more about yesterday than today.  One of my favorite parts of this season is making gingerbread houses.  It started about 6 (?) years ago.  I decided that my kids and I were making them, and we invited another homeschool friend over to help.  It took us ALL day.

For all of these years I have used the same recipe Which I have had to google again every year, until last year I finally bookmarked it.  Every year I think to myself “How many houses can I get from one batch?”  I can never remember and I end up with gingerbread and more gingerbread.  I mean one batch calls for 6 cups of flour!!!!  So I will tell you, you can get 3 houses made with the templates on that site out of a batch of dough.  I made two batches of dough, and made 5 houses and then the neighborhood gaggle of girls made cookies with the rest.


One change I made this year, and I have to say it was liberating, was to leave off the chimneys… Just trust me on this.  They NEVER work and are a giant pain.  Every year, things have been just a bit easier and smoother.  Last year, I decided to assemble the houses the day before, because part of what took so darn long was trying to keep the houses from falling down while decorating.  So the night before my 16year old son and I put them together.  Best part of assembling?  He looked at me and said “I like building gingerbread houses with you mom!”  Awwwwww.  Unfortunately, he was a work when the decorating happened.



So finally when the guests arrived, the magic could happen.




I love the creativity, I would not have thought to use pieces of gummy bears for an ice rink, or a wreath.

Lest you think I have been doing nothing fibery, I have…. I am back to small piles of fiber being turned into rolags for the second single.wp-1450965297893.jpeg

Aren’t they soo pretty? 30, piles carded…. 80ish more to go.  It is now looking like it will be a 2 ply yarn as opposed to a 3 ply.  Mostly, because it took around 30 hours total, with carding to spin the first single.  If the second takes me around the same time, I am already 60 hours into a 75 hour project and I would not have plied or started knitting.  My husband has been pouting (pretend, I think) That it will be a 2 ply and not a 3 ply…. what does he know????  There was also some well meant chiding about this being a masters project….  We’ll see.  It really comes down to time.  I may have to give up my studio for a guest again for an undetermined amount of time, which means I need to have all of the wool washing and carding finished in about the next week.  I can spin in the house.  It also means I need to get all the other pieces of my book together and in the house to assemble it all.  ARGHHH!!!!  Why am I a nice person who offers up space???   It will be fine, breathe…. fine…. I am ahead of schedule.  I think?


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