1 skein 2 patterns… what a deal.

Like many other crafters I follow, December has come and Many projects are left undone.  My non fiber life is getting in the way of everything else.  When did I decide that my children need to be so darn active? Would it not be better if they sat at home and did nothing? Or went to traditional school and then I would have 8 hours a day to do what I wanted and a clean house…. But no! I have children who are swimmers and are at the pool 6 days a week, and do Karate, and Chorus, oh and lets not forget 4H….  Sigh….  Oh yes, and we homeschool.

Homeschooling makes me happy on days like yesterday when the skies opened up and we finally got a decent snow fall.  When all three of my kids 16 (when did that happen?), 13, and 8 go out and make something and play together in the snow.  Then come in and are Happy!  It was a pretty wonderful afternoon.  Everyone got their work done (I hope) and I got to catch up on holiday baking and hopefully the last knitted project I need to mail.

I have not knit for my relatives in a while.  There was a time when I knit for my nieces and nephews every year.  I gave it up.  It was a lot of work and stressed me out and I am not sure they ever loved what I sent.  This year however, I did fingerless mitts for my two nieces.

When I went to the yarn store to get the yarn I was amazed to find a super wash Merino Malabrigo Rios for less than the superwash Cascade 220. Each skein of the Rios also had 210 yards.   And the colors!  I could go on and on and on….  It’s pretty yummy.

I used a pattern called Mom’s Cabled Mitts.  The reason I chose them instead of a more elaborate pattern was for the reason that they were not elaborate.  They knit up in just a few hours.  So while I caught a few hours of swim practice I could get one finished. wp-1450188027078.jpeg  Did I mention how much I LOVE this yarn?

Anyway, I finished the mitts and had quite a bit of the yarn left. wp-1450188057279.jpeg A quick Ravelry search led me to twistygoo.


I did have to make a few adjustments to this pattern.  The first one was that I only used 80 stitches instead of 90.  There was plenty of stretch.  I am knitting for a 10 year old and the hat fit me fine.  The other adjustment was that I had to rip back to 5 inches instead of 6 before making decreases and I still ran short of yarn.  so I skipped/combined the last two sets of decreases.  I basically skipped the rows between.  It worked fine.

I am now onto the second set.wp-1450188083544.jpeg  I did finally weigh the yarn after I finished the mitts.  I had 47g left.  I think if I had the whole 50g It would have worked out just fine.  Hopefully, my nieces love these two patterns as much as I do, because I really would love to have these for myself.



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