The plotting continues

Today in the small moments I had between my kids activities I ran up to my studio, made myself an afternoon cup of coffee and dug out the skeins from this post about blending a gradient.  I chose the lightest three skeins and looked up the recipe of black vs white fiber.wpid-imag1012.jpg

The lightest skein is 12.5% black to 87.5% white.  The medium skein is 25% black to 75% white.  The darkest skein is I think around 60/40, but I forgot to look at the exact numbers when I went back and grabbed it.  It’s probably not that even, I am sure there are decimals in there.  Anyway, I then did some math… (there was a time when this would have been terrifying, but I digress)

To get the lightest skein, I would need to blend 50% Merino, 10% Bombyx, and 20% white alpaca.  These are the white fibers in a percentage of 80%.  The last 20% would be the Yak.

The second skein would require a 70% white combo.  So we use the white 50% white merino, 10% Bombyx, 10% white alpaca.  The black percentage would then contain the 20% yak and 10% Black alpaca.  (totalling 30%)

The darkest skein would be 60% white: 50% white merino and 10% Bombyx silk.  The black is now 40% comprised of 20% black alpaca and 20% yak.

I gave my husband the choice of what he wanted.  They are all pretty amazing colors.  He has decided on the darkest of the blends… I can not wait to start on this.

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