Knitting in public

I always carry a knitting project with me.  In the past I have talked about knitting while waiting for my kids and such.  Well, this week was more of the same.  I had appointments, and lessons etc.  Friday night arose and my children were attending a fundraiser for one of their activities.  I had already taken the girls and had left to fetch my son.  We walk into the building (a parish hall) and it was packed with people.  I had already eaten earlier and I didn’t really know many of the other people.  Then it hit me.  There in the corner was a rocking chair.  In my bag was my current knitting project. wpid-wp-1443914314368.jpegI am knitting the Pluma Shawlette.  It’s an easy pattern, if not very interesting.  All that garter about did me in.

So I sat down and started to knit.  It was nice tucked away where I could take in the chaos, but not be caught up in it.  Soon a girl I have done a knitting workshop with came over to talk to me about knitting.  She was very confused, where was my ball of yarn… well.  wpid-imag0932.jpg

I was unraveling a sock that I  had knit and making a scarf.  Surprisingly this was a very difficult concept for this 12 year old.  She finally got it and was very excited.  “I would like to knit socks.” she said.  One day I am sure she will.

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