Life Beyond 10 yard skeins.

One of the biggest frustrations I heard when I was in my Level 4 class was that there was no time to spin anything other than our homework, which consists of 10 yard skeins.  Up to this year, I agreed somewhat.  I was always able to accomplish at least one other spinning project in the past 3 years.  However, Level 3 was HARD!  Seriously Hard.  I was booking to try to finish by the deadline.  The silver lining of course is that we get to do a final project, however for some of my class mates that just was not enough.

This summer we had a mini reunion at the IWC.  Again, I heard this frustration and I was having a hard time accepting it as true.  Do you take your homework to spin-ins, the fair?  There is no way.  This year I have learned that I need to have some ancillary projects that I can spin.  Luckily for me, I have 3 wheels.  I know a luxury, that I never once take for granted.  I also have a couple of spindles.  I came home from class a began combing that brown Merino.  wpid-imag0898.jpgI have two full bobbins in and counting. (ok, one looks a little light) In fact at fair I ran out of combed top and had to change to another project.

That other project was some Merino/Bamboo I started spinning 3 or more years ago.  I had needed the wheel and wrote myself notes on which whorl etc and stopped.  So on the final day of fair I broke it out and started it back up.  This weekend I finished that skein.  It is gorgeous and I was impressed that I was able to pick it back up and have my grist the same throughout.  So psyched.  Not sure what it is going to become.

Merino Bamboo
Merino Bamboo

The skeins final numbers are aprox 385 yards, 21 wpi, 7.5 TPI and 30 degree angle of twist.

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