Peaches and Pears…. OH MY!

As I mentioned in my last post, 40 lbs of peaches and 20 lbs of pears landed at my house about 2 weeks ago.  Crazy!  The morning after we received that bounty, I was called out of town unexpectedly.  So I left my 13 year old in charge of dealing with the fruit.  The pears were still hard and the peaches had just been picked and were not to that overripe soft stage yet, so there was not a huge amount of urgency.  However, we still had plums so we needed to deal with them.  Also, she has done this before, albeit with me around for moral support, but I felt she was ready.

She made plum butter the first day with no issues… it’s hard to mess up a crock pot recipe.  The next day she started on peaches.  They just did not really want to peal well even with the water boil/cold water shock method.  She for whatever reason decided to peal and chop an entire 10# box.  Then she got confused on the pectin.  I have switched from the box of sur-jell to the plastic bottles of pectin that you measure out what you need.  She finally decided she had enough regular pectin to make a regular batch of jam…  She failed to read the entire recipe and put everything in the pan at once…  That was the 5th phone call in an hour.  What to do now?  So I told her to just cook it and see.  It’s a learning experience.  If I had done it at home, I would have done the same.  So she cooked it down, and cooked it down, and it became something like a caramel.  It’s kind of wicked good.  She canned 4 jars

Peach Caramel
Peach Caramel

.  Then she had a whole bowl of chopped peaches.  So I told her to find a crock pot peach butter recipe and use it.  She did and the ended up with about 3 jars of peach butter out of it.  It had maple syrup in it, so i think that is why it ended up so dark.

Peach butter
Peach butter

That doesn’t seem like a lot out of a whole box of peaches… but I was not there.  It is what it is.  She has learned to read recipes thoroughly, I hope.  I finally told her to just hold off on the rest until I got home.  The peaches were still amazing and there was no rush.

Once I got home, we made peach ice cream for my husband’s birthday.  Then I made a low sugar peach jam, regular peach jam, and Honey peach jam.

All the peach jam
All the peach jam, caramel and butter on the right.

Finally, I canned what was left of the peaches. Now, I am sad they are gone, because they were SO GOOD!

On to the pearswpid-wp-1441669379861.jpeg

They sat on my counter for a week before they were ripe enough to use.  OMG they are amazing!  My youngest daughter and I have been eating two or more a day.  I can’t get enough.  Friday, I decided to can some.  I used a recipe from the Better Homes and Garden Canning magazine.  It is spiced Brandy Pears.  YUM.  or at least I hope.  It smelled good.


Tomorrow, my daughter gets to make some pear jam, because it is my favorite.  It’s too amazing for words.  Then I will probably eat the rest.  Because they are so good and I wish I had ordered another box.


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