Back to it.

I keep thinking that I am going to have time to blog.  Then my crazy hectic life gets in the way.  It’s hard to get the things you want to get done finished while parenting and homeschooling 3 kids.  If my oldest would just stop getting distracted and finish his Algebra, biology and History courses then I could finally relax.  As it is, I don’t think that he will have had much of a summer break when we finally officially start in Sept.

Let me start with my finished shawl from the CVM sheep Tipsy.  I spindled the yarn for this project on a bottom whorl spindle and decided not to ply it as I wanted as much yardage as I could get.  wpid-imag0744.jpgWhen I laid it out to block it, all I could think of was Batman’s the line from the Lego movie, “I only work in black or really, really dark gray!”  It turned out fantastic and won Grand champion in the handspun hand knit category at our county fair.  you can’t really see the detail in this shawl, so here is a pic with the beads I added to the point.  Adding beads was a new thing for me.  wpid-imag0745.jpg

I think that the best part of entering the shawl into the fair this year was the reaction of the shepherdess.  She was so happy and excited to see this project highlighting one of her sheep.  All weekend she kept sending friends and family down to look at it.  This was an impulse project when I bought the fleece from her.  I just had to spin some of it and my wheels were otherwise occupied.  It is the first time I have EVER spun yarn on a spindle for a full project.  I am rather proud of the end result and I can not wait to show it off this fall and winter.


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