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Garden Update…. Boy do I have Radishes!

I LOVE this time of year.  It is the time when things start really blooming and my seedlings are starting to really do well. I get so proud that seeds I put into the ground have sprouted and grown and are now ready for harvesting.  Its so darn magical!  Really.  The last post I had about my garden was just bare dirt, and an unfinished bed.  After that post, the temperature dropped and it rained and rained and rained….  Which is a really good thing in this part of the world.  However, it delayed my garden.  It was early June before I could actually dig up the rest of the bed and get things in the ground.  To give you a visual of how things have changed, the first picture is when I first put mu seed starts into the ground and my radishes had started to sprout.

When I first put in  My starts
When I first put in My starts

This Next picture is about a week ago.  I have been harvesting Kale every several days and eating fresh salads with lettuce and nasturtium from my garden.

Seedling starts: Carrots, Kale, Turnips, Spinach, Lettuce, Radish, Swiss Chard, Bok Choy
Seedling starts: Carrots, Kale, Turnips, Spinach, Lettuce, Radish, Swiss Chard, Bok Choy

Lets, not forget my Radishes.  You should see my radishes… they are so big they are jumping out of the ground.  When they are done I am going to do a second later seeding of more carrots.  wpid-imag0646.jpg I have a my first green tomato.  I tried to start tomatoes, but they did not get very big.  Luckily, I was given 4 heirloom plants and then someone else gave me two more heirloom cherry tomatoes.  I am a bit bummed to only have one green one.  I went and researched if tomatoes need to be pollinated.  It turns out they are self pollinators.  But you can help them along by gently shaking their branches.  wpid-imag0644.jpg

I started Nasturtium inside even though the seed packet told me not to and that they don’t like to be transplanted.  It had no problem and is blooming its heart out.   wpid-imag0645.jpg Finally, my first time ever, I planted potatoes and they came up! WOO HOOO!  Our extension office sent out an email that they had potato starts.  This year I have 4 plants each of 3 varieties.  I have a purple, a red and a white.  They are doing so well.  Things I have not taken pictures of are my herb garden that sits at the front of the bed and the flower bed that I planted for the girls from seed.  wpid-imag0643.jpgI would love to do some spinning in the summer, I try to accomplish things, but the garden keeps calling.  It’s hard to be inside spinning when the weather is so nice.


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