Tipsy – A tale in fleece.

I recently met a local woman raising CVM sheep.  I have been drooling after this breed since I saw some fleece at Taos 2 years ago.  She called me last week to let me know that they were sheering.  So I went out to her place on Friday to look at fleece.  Mostly I was interested in her natural colored fleeces.  As we know, I have white….  Anyhooo….

I feel in love with this black fleece from a sheep named Tipsy.  I almost bought another fleece that was more grey, but I really wanted the black.  I took it home.   There are several things you should do when buying a fleece.  One is to tug on the locks and look for breaks.  I actually looked at another black fleece and it had a break in it and I chose the one I bought instead.  Mine also has a break, however, the price was right and the break is close to the tip.  The staple on this fleece is around 3-4 inches.  Even taking off the break, there is PLENTY of beautiful fiber.  wpid-wp-1428279352535.jpeg

The shepherdess had warned me that the sheep had ticks.  YUCK!  However, as I found they were easy to spot and easy to remove and squash.  After discussing the situation with my hubby we decided that the best thing to do would be to skirt the fleece really well, and to put the locks into a plastic bin.  When I took the fleece out of the bag I got a very nice surprise!

wpid-wp-1428279359796.jpegCVM fleece have more than one color!  I checked my Fleece and Fiber book and supposedly this is part of the breed standards.  I have 3 colors, a deep Bay Black, Charcoal, and light grey.


I could not be happier  I have already washed up some of it.  I combed some and carded some.  When combing, the break comes out on the combs as waste.  When I carded it, I just pulled the locks to the break and then carded a rolag.  It is soft, but not as soft as the Merino I have been working with.  I am going to do some experimental things with it to see what I like best.


4 thoughts on “Tipsy – A tale in fleece.

    1. It’s crazy, because some of it is light and fluffy and low lanolin and then other parts have this amazing crimp and more lanolin. However, it has scoured really nicely so far and combs and cards like a dream.

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