Spring…. It’s here

We have had a really mild winter.  Really mild…  That being said, the end of February gave us several large storms, enough for the mountain to remain open and for them to reopen the cross country side.  Which was lovely for my youngest to get to do her anual ski trip with her school.  wpid-wp-1427224434825.jpegJust before the snow came I had one lonely little crocus up and blooming.  Now all the crocus are finished, my daffodils are are blooming, the lilacs are starting to leaf.  Forsythias in town are blooming.  My allergies have started…. sigh….

Spring is truly my favorite time of the year.  you wait all year for those bulbs to show off their stuff and the trees to bloom and the days get longer and the weather is so nice that I want to kick my children out from sun up till sun down.  This is getting hard for my eldest who is sooooo attached to his computer.

Anyway, I have traded my wheel for my shovel for the past two weekends.  I am putting in a veggie/ herb bed in my tiny yard.  This requires much digging and grass removal..

Half way done
Half way done

It’s so darn heavy!  I don’t mind this kind of work, I don’t mind that no one in the house wants to help. I have dirt and a shovel and some seeds to plant and dreams of my back yard becoming a small oasis that people will sigh over when they visit.  Just so we are all on the same page, the oasis is many years of hard work away.  But It exists in my mind.  I also have this tall decorative grass out front that is bigger than my lilacs… Some of it is going, and I have some seeds for dye plants to plant.

Speaking of seedlings, my youngest daughter and I planted some last week and we have sprouts.  I always get excited about spouts.wpid-wp-1427231982079.jpeg  It is magical.  Now I need to finish that bed so that we can plant our carrots radishes and turnips to start in the ground.

I also have some stricks of flax to work on…. more on that hopefully next week.  This weekend I am gardening.


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