Cables, not the kind you knit.

I have been a very busy spinner these past two weeks.  I think that from Christmas day to New Years I spent more time spinning than anything else.  So I have lots of stuff to share.  Moving beyond silk and TPI (I still have one more tpi skein to go.) We get to making novelty yarns… My favorite.  (note the sarcasm… these are the yarns I usually really want to mark for the compost bins.)  However, this year two of my favorite yarns found their way into this section.  Actually maybe 3 of the 4 required yarns are in my top picks of this years course.

The first yarn that I fell in love with is Targhee which I chain plied. IMAG0316 IMAG0318 Chain plying to maintain the stipe pattern in colored roving.  My earlier post on chain plying with a spindle should tell you about my new love affair with chain plying.  Targhee makes this such a pleasure.  I actually chain plied two different Targhee yarns in this level.  The three ply makes it nice and round and when you knit with it you get amazing definition.

The second yarn I fell in love with is one that uses Bling and silk noils.  The bing came from a fellow spinner many years ago.  It has sat unloved in a drawer. IMAG0315 So I broke it out and carded it into a Commercially dyed pink Corridale.  The result was a sport weight yarn that is squishy and soft and fun with purple sparkles and white dots.  I can totally see this yarn being knit into a sweater for a little girl.  If my little girl were not so sensitive to scratchy bling bits It would go into a sweater for her.

Finally I get to the yarn this post is really about…. Cabled yarn.  To make a cabled yarn you make 2 – yarns which are two plied.  So you would spin them normally, singles clockwise or (z) and plied (s), You just add a bit extra twist to the plies.  Then you take those two plied yarns and ply them together opposite the last ply.  So in this case they were plied  clockwise(z).  I used a Merino top that I was given with my first wheel 8 years ago… It is hot pink…  This yarn is pretty amazing. IMAG0317 It is nice and round and has a bit of texture to it.  The Merino makes it soft and squishy.  I would cable all of my yarns if it was more practical, but lets face it making a 4 ply yarn for most projects would take an inordinate amount of time an materials.  It would be amazing, but very time consuming.  This yarn needed to be made into a wrist distaff for drop spinning. I think these were all the rage a few years ago.  Not so much now.

I finally googled pictures of a wrist distaff.  Many of them were created using a Kumihimo braid. Luckily for me, my sister in law taught me how to do Kumihimo braids when we were on vacation this year.  She even sent a braiding disk for my daughter’s Christmas present. IMAG0312 It took me only a couple of hours to braid it and then add beads.  It was a really fun project.

4 thoughts on “Cables, not the kind you knit.

  1. Awesome! I saw a skein at a workshop I went to that was chainplied and it was all done with a drop spindle, It was very fine, maybe fingering. Can you imagine?!

  2. I can imagine… it would be stunning. A lot of work though. First you would have to spin and ply basically two skeins of yarn, then ply those all together on a spindle…. crazy!

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