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Finally Finished!!!!!!

Master Spinner Level 2 Final
Master Spinner Level 2 Final

Finally!  They are finished, the book is compiled.  In the next couple of days it will be mailed off and I can focus fully on Level 3.  What a wonderful feeling.  The total hours was almost 38.  So what would amount to a full work week for most people for a single pair of gloves!  They are worth it though.  As was the look of amazement on the faces of the other moms at Karate as I was finishing the last glove last night.  “You knit those?”  Well yes, but not only that, I took them from raw wool and Alpaca and spun the yarn, then I knit them.  I must be insane!

Here are a few pictures of my finished book.  I have found that my homework and scrapbooking come together very nicely.  In a 12×12 scrapbook you have enough room to display everything nicely on a page and scrapbooks are made for things to be wonky shapes.  So what it took other people two and three binders took me a single 12×12 strap hinge album.  The finished books store nicely as well.

color wheel
color wheel
Alpaca blend for a scarf
Alpaca blend for a scarf
on left, yarn for braiding; on right, needlepoint
left: mohair yarn for braiding, right; coopworth yarn for needlepoint

3 thoughts on “Finally Finished!!!!!!

  1. Sarah, You are awesome! I wish we were not on the other side of the country. I hope you are loving Colorado. We are getting sheep this June!! CVM. So excited! Congrats on the completion of the next phase of your Master spinner!! Someday . .

    1. CMV??? I was drooling over some at Taos…. I am hoping to get through my stash to justify adding some.

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