Falling off the edge of the world…. sort of

My title sums up what I feel like has happened in the past month… I feel like we fell off the edge of the world.  The first thing was 4 H and the county fair.  What a great experience, however, that final two weeks coming into fair week,  the one where my kids needed to finish their record books, work on their project boards and in general finish everything… That just about did me in.  Was it worth it yes!  Both my older kiddos turned in two projects.  Each of them did Archery as a project.  Just as an aside if anyone wants to have their children learn about a shooting sport in a safe way, 4H is it.  Then my oldest chose Forestry of all things as his other project and my daughter chose photography.  Both were in the blue ribbon groups for all of their projects.  My daughter also won second place for her photography project.  My son won first for Forestry, but he also was the only Forestry project.  Both of my kids are excited to do more projects next year.  I have now found out that we could start them in January, which for something like photography would be a good thing.

My Daughter's Display Photo
My Daughter’s Display Photo

So we got through fair… Oh and I entered several things myself in the open category.  My triangle scarf from a post or two ago took a first place ribbon.  My daughter’s sweater took second, and I did well on my yarn skeins as well, with a first and second.  I entered their fleece to fabric category and took first, however, I was also the only one who attempted it.  I have decided that I will use my final project for each year’s master spinners program as my entry and keep samples safe for fair.  I hope to have picture of my entries up soon, however, my camera is in a box.

Which leads to the rest of falling off the edge of the world, who would have thought moving across town would do that.. but there you have it.  My life is again in boxes.  My poor lichen fermentation bath is still hanging out.  It’s two months now and I am pretty sure it is ready to go.  Mostly I have remembered to shake my jars every day, except that one week I ran away with the kids and my husband forgot about it.  I am not sure how repeatable colors will be, or maybe this is the way a fermentation bath is supposed to go…


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