Hibiscus… not what I expected

So I have had these Hibiscus blossoms which I have saved to use for a dye.  Not a lot of them, but enough I thought to make a light dye bath.  My Friend Ric dyes with these blossoms all the time.  EVERY time they come out this really nice green.  Did I mention EVERY time?  Here are the samples from a class I took from him several years ago.

20130711_095749As you can see, green.  So imagine my surprise when I got, a rusty, reddish brown color.  I have no idea what went wrong.  Did I not cook the dye long enough? It simmered for around two hours, were my blossoms too old?  I am so frustrated, because this is not really a great color.  I am going to over dye it I think with mountain mahogany root to try to make it more red and more usable.


So Ric, If you are reading this, any tips would be helpful!!!  It’s not horrible, but just not green!  Which is really what I wanted!

2 thoughts on “Hibiscus… not what I expected

  1. Dear Noddyknitter,
    As I mentioned in an email to you, I think the problem was not enough dark red flowers. The lighter colored flowers will sometimes yield different colors. The darkest reds make the most consistent greens.

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