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Scarves, scarves, scarves

What do you do with less than 200 yards of yarn? Your options are limited. A hat, mittens, scarves.  How many hats and mittens does one need in the desert?  Not many, I tell you. So what can you do with less than 200 yards of yarn?

Months ago I blogged about starting a project box. Basically, I’m jut knitting as the whim takes me. I have just been going to my stash closet and finding these skeins I spun, sometimes years ago. Although, it seems strange to think that I have been spinning for years, but I have.  Most of these skeins are dk or fingering weight and all of them are under 200 yards… many of them are just over 150 yards.

My most recent answer to this problem is scarves.  I really am loving these beautiful lace scarves.  Here are the three I have managed to finish and they are headed tomorrow to be entered into our local state fair.  This year we actually have a hand spun category.  The hand spun skeins will be judged by certified yarn judges.  I am not sure who is judging the finished pieces made from hand spun.

The first scarf is Kristin Hanley Cardozo’s Susan scarf.  I used the yarn I submitted to last years fair.  It is a 3 ply merino which I dyed using food coloring.


The Second scarf is called Isobel by Jacquelynn Vance-Kuss.   For this scarf I used One of my Verb for Keeping Warm fiber club shipments.  It is Polwarth and the colorway is called Imortal.  The color changes in the yarn are subtle, but the end effect is quite lovely.

Lastly, I have La Novia by Ann Hansen at Knitspot.  For this scarf I also used a fiber club shipment.  It is the silk half of the colorway A Kings Ransom.  It is super fine merino and tussah silk.  So shinny.


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